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Webbing & Straps is the leading manufacturer of high quality Nylon & Polyester Webbing which are used in bag, backpack, clothing, garment, military applications, safety.


We own R & D team, more than 100 new products are developed every year. Be recognized by the customer and adapt to the market.


I would rather explain the price for a while than apologize for quality all my life. The premise of the service is the profit , the profit space can be squeezed , but cannot disappear , otherwise along with the profit disappear together with the service . If the factory ' s living space being take away, the service , the quality is guaranteed?


Widely used in bags, luggage, clothing, garment, shoes, sports equipment, dog leashes, toys, industry, military, and daily supplies.


About Us

China nylon webbing strap manufacturer -- Guangzhou Hosto Webbing Co.,Ltd was established in 2005, located in Shiling which is always known as the " Bag cradle ".

We specialized in producing Nylon webbing, Polyester webbing, High-strength polyester webbing, Polypropylene (PP)webbing, Cotton webbing, Canvas webbing Jacquard webbing of various materials. The products are widely used in the field of bag, backpack, luggage, belt, clothing, garment, shoes, pet products, military industry, outdoor products, safety products, sports equipment, gifts, toys, medical equipment etc. Provide the webbing as the accessories for domestic and foreign famous brands.

We are insisting on our company principle "Best Service, Highest Quality, Competitive Price, Timely Delivery". We’d like to cooperate and trade with friends at home and abroad sincerely and establish the long-term commercial with you. We win recognition and trust from customers worldwide, and grow up with time with customers. We believe we will be your most ideal trade partner!



Characteristics of webbings of various materials

What is nylon webbing? What is polyester webbing? What is PP webbing? Why should I choose webbing slings?+ Read more

What is the Nylon Webbing

Many do-it-yourself enthusiasts turn to some form of flat nylon strapping. If you need machine-washable, soft, comfortable strapping material that won't irritate even sensitive skin; the dependability of a high strength-to-weight ratio combined with limited-stretch properties; or the flexibility and durability of tubular nylon webbing, you can find it here at Hosto Webbing Factory!9713087931

Webbing material which will be used?

We provide webbing with material: Nylon / Polypropylene(PP) / Polyester / Cotton / SP yarn / Spandex. All of our products are supported by color width, thickness, pattern of custom.+ Read more


Military webbing product features

Military webbing are mainly geared to the troops can be used for various types of military belt, gun belt, back strap, parachutes and other military supplies. The material of nylon, polyester ribbon weaving high strength, can be thickened encryption, high temperature resistant, fireproof, waterproof treatment.+ Read more

How Webbing is Made?

Webbing is a woven fabric that is distinguishable by its various material compositions, strength variations and widths. The webbing process essentially involves yarns that are woven via looms to create strips.+ Read more

Learn about us with some questions and answers

We are a factory specialized in producing Nylon webbing, Polyester webbing, Polypropylene webbing, Cotton webbing, Canvas webbing, velvet rope and twill rope for stanchion. The products are widely used in the field of handbags, luggage, pet products, military industry, outdoor products, safety products, clothing, sports equipment, shoes, gifts, toys, electronics, medical equipment etc.+ Read more